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Professional Services

Ridge Park provides an integrated and highly specialised suite of professional services geared to enabling our Clients achieve best value from their security contractors, delivering the most appropriate security measures aligned to business objectives. Ridge Park are engaged to support all stages of a security contract life cycle, from tender and bid evaluation through to contract implementation and ongoing contract compliance management. This ensures that service delivery, best value and change management are monitored, maintained and provided throughout the lifecycle of the contract.


A robust process of procurement ensures that a contract for services has the very best start possible. Ridge Park can be engaged at any stage of the procurement process. However, the optimum point to engage our services is as a contract approaches renewal and the decision has been made to engage upon a fresh procurement process.

Ridge Park can assist Clients’ procurement teams by providing specialist security industry expertise. Focusing on the preparation and content of your tender documentation, we can review security requirements to ensure that the security specification meets your organisation`s risk profile and is aligned to your security policy, strategy and security objectives. Additional support includes the writing of relevant Pre-Qualifying Questions (PQQ) and Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents to achieve a clear picture of a Bidder’s capability and their appetite to deliver the contracted services.


Ridge Park can support the evaluation of bids by providing specialist analysis of Bidders’ proposed security solutions and their costings against tender requirements. Our detailed review can highlight key differences between bids, omissions and over specification, whilst assessing Bidders’ proposed staffing levels, training, compliance, staff management and key technologies.


Following agreement to renew with an existing Service Provider, or selection of a preferred Bidder in the case of fresh procurement, Ridge Park contracting specialists can support the negotiation and fine tuning of the service specification.


Security contracts typically contain boilerplate clauses, a service specification and service level agreements. Together with a Bidder’s tender, this makes for a seemingly workable security solution, but once awarded, who manages the contract, and how?

Ridge Park deliver a bespoke Contract Compliance Management approach based on a comprehensive understanding of Clients’ service specifications, supported by a robust programme of regular and consistent assessment of the Services Provider performance. Scrutiny of the Service Provider’s management information, reports and returns provide ongoing appraisal of service delivery against the contracted service levels, delivering timely warning of any service failures.

Please contact us to discuss the specifics of this unique approach and how this can be tailored to assist you in achieving true contract compliance for your organisation.


Ridge Park enables Clients to introduce independent governance of the Service Provider`s activity. This approach removes the possibility of contractual terms being eroded through unrecorded changes, verbal agreements made in haste, and undelivered promises during periods of transition.

The independent approach provides a quantifiable benefit to those who report to public bodies or senior management teams, accounting for security expenditure and demonstrating best value.

Please contact us to explore further the benefits of independent governance for your business.


Possibly the most beneficial aspect of continual improvement, change management and targeted best value delivery is the bespoke audit and lessons learnt process. Ridge Park ensure that all of our systematic reviews or assessments are relevant to the contract management process and are openly discussed and clearly defined to our Clients at the start of our engagement.

From the initial review of a Client`s existing security contract and the incumbent`s original tender to the understanding of a Client’s risk appetite and specific threats applicable to their organisation, we undertake all audit activity with a level of detailed preparation and presentation of documentation appropriate for potential legal scrutiny.

Sections of our process have been likened to an investigative style audit and together with an experienced insight in respect of knowing where to look, we believe that our review process identifies discrepancies and where applicable demonstrates excellence in compliance.


Many organisations invest a significant annual spend in ensuring the security of their people, premises and commercial assets. Regular security reviews and updating security strategies are key to ensuring contracted services remain relevant and deliver best value.

Ridge Park’s specialist security team with backgrounds spanning counter terrorism, policing, security company management, risk advice and maritime security expertise, deliver a range of security consultancy projects, including:

  • writing security policies, strategies, objectives and KPI documentation
  • undertaking Operational Requirement reviews
  • designing Security Operational Models
  • re-engineering” security solutions

Pease contact us for further details relating to our security consultancy service


Security contracts are typically complex, long term and high value.

Clients have a right to receive the service they have contracted for at the price they have agreed.

Service Providers have an obligation to make their return without circumventing the contract.

Ridge Park makes these things happen.

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