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The engagement of Ridge Park to focus on contract governance and contractor performance brings about the following benefits:

  • Best value delivery is achieved
  • Annual innovative adjustments reflecting operational requirements are identified, implemented and maintained
  • Whole of contract life oversight and change management is ensured


Contract Confidence

Determining the content of any contract will be a culmination of significant input from a number of stakeholders including those with the responsibility for determining an organisation`s strategy, from the legal and procurement teams and also from the Service Provider.

Ridge Park provides the expertise to ensure that these careful considerations remain at the focus of the Service Provider`s daily operations, that change management is facilitated, documented and incorporated, and that it continues to reflect an organisation’s requirement. A role often neglected once the procurement stage is complete.

Value for Money

Often there is a huge chasm between value promised and value delivered, be that due to Client expectations not being met, poor implementation of value offerings or an inability by the Service Provider to deliver.

Ridge Park works alongside the Client and the Service Provider to ensure that value for money is delivered in line with promises made, that measures are taken to quantify and demonstrate its delivery and that ‘value for money’ is highlighted on every agenda.

Ridge Park bridges the gap between value promised and value delivered.


Our Independent Contract Management and Audit processes will ensure that the service required and procured, translates into service delivered, with quantifiable assessment through bespoke Key Performance Indicators ensuring accountability.

Ridge Park provides Clients with the confidence that their expenditure is being independently reviewed, monitored and measured.

Service commensurate with current risk

Ridge Park has observed that many organisations “roll over” their security contracts from one year to the next and utilise the same specification and questions when re-tendering.

Outside of the tender process it appears that an organisation`s focus upon their own business, aims goals and objectives, leaves little time for security review or re-assessment of cost, technology, industry best practice or “risk appetite”, leaving this in the hands of the Service Provider.

As part of our Independent Contract Management process, we review a Client`s “risk appetite” through consultation and discuss applicable current threat analysis and enterprise risk management issues, to ensure that their measures are commensurate with the risks.

Ridge Park encourages clients to adopt “fit for purpose” security solutions and facilities the process of informed decision by key staff.



Ridge Park recognises that all managers and employees undertake their duties more effectively and efficiently when there is a high level of motivation underpinning all that they do. Productivity improves, as does awareness of responsibility.

Actively promoting staff motivation as a measurable Service Provider key performance indicator has proven to benefit an organisation through greater personal commitment, a desire to “do a good job” and a culture of us as opposed to them and us.

Ridge Park ensures that staff motivation is a measurable benefit when assessing a Service Provider’s management information as part of a Contract Management process, ensuring that its focus is not overlooked or overshadowed by other issues or objectives.


Quite often a Service Provider`s tender will promise to keep their staff informed. In fact contracts recognise the benefit of this and insist upon clear paths of two-way communication. However many personnel deployed in a security role lack clear direction, knowledge of changing events or the opportunity to provide feedback based upon their own observations.

Independent Contract Management targets a review of the effectiveness of a Service Provider`s methodology for keeping its staff informed, ensuring that it continues to deliver benefit.


Our processes ensure that Contract Management focuses on the need for Service Providers to respect, recognise and value their greatest asset, their people.

Reward and recognition incentives will often be quoted and promised in the Service Provider’s tender submissions, but it is our experience that often they fail to deliver the benefits anticipated, because the incentives fail to be maintained.

Part of our Contract Management process highlights this requirement as a key aspect of service delivery, ensuring that staff pay queries, grievances, annual leave submissions and uniform requests are dealt with swiftly and fairly, thereby demonstrating a sincere level of staff appreciation.


Training of staff is a crucial element to ensure that a Client`s requirements, as identified within the contract, are passed on to those who will deliver the service.

This can be achieved by a robust Service Provider training programme with regular assessment of their security officers’ capabilities.

The benefit to the Contract of this element being reviewed, audited and measured as a key performance indicator should not be underestimated


Clarity of requirement

Independent Contract Management, on behalf of a Client, ensures that the Service Provider remains “on point” with focus upon the Key Performance Indicators that feed from an organisation`s security policy, strategy, objectives and contract.

Many organisations do not have staff with a specific security background and therefore a Service Provider can often find themselves simply managing a contract with limited Client input.

Ridge Park are able to bridge that gap and give the Service Provider clear direction and instruction as to exactly what the Client requires by way of a security brief, enabling them to deliver and demonstrate a greater competence and desire to deliver.

Demonstrate Excellence

Key Performance Indicators exist to ensure that the service is being delivered in line with requirements and that corrective, preventative and continual improvement processes function appropriately.

Ridge Park also use Key Performance Indicators to encourage a Service Provider to demonstrate where they have done “a good job” and where staff have gone “above and beyond” in the execution of their duties.

Encouraging, recognising, rewarding, scoring and communicating excellence is a key element to our process, which leads to a better “value delivered” service as identified within all of the benefits listed above.

Establish Trust

Many Clients strive towards establishing a working partnership with their Service Provider, where confidence, trust, reliability and competence underpin the contract. Unfortunately, when things go wrong, this can be undone in a moment.

Ridge Park works with both Clients and Service Providers to ensure that issues surrounding invoicing, appropriate deployment of personnel, training, licensing and assignment Instructions are pre-empted, enabling that trust to develop and strengthen.


Standards Driven Up

The media has often reported on “abject failures in Contract Management” and the failings of security contracts and security provisions due to poor management, untrained or missing personnel and huge gaps between service promised and service delivered.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) programme of licensing security personnel has gone a long way to improve the security industry over the last decade and the introduction of the Approved Contractor Scheme has also delivered great benefit.

Ridge Park`s style of Independent Contract Management will ensure “fit for purpose” security contracts exist and that the high level of service promised at tender translates into high level of service delivered, bringing credibility back to the security industry and confidence back to the Client

Transparency of Real Margin

Fierce competition for large security contracts and a greater bias towards price within the procurement “price vs quality” scoring has led to profit margins being driven down in some cases to 5 and 6 % within the security industry.

Open Book Contract Management has been adopted within certain Government and Local Authority departments whereby responsibility is taken by the buyer to review a Service Provider`s ability to deliver at the price quoted.

Ridge Park will support a Client in contract negotiation and their chosen procurement process. Our aim is to ensure that a Service Provider delivers the service they have agreed, at the margin quoted.

Compliance with Guidelines

Ridge Park firmly believes that the guidelines for the provision and management of security services, provided by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the The Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) should underpin a client`s Security Policy.

When these guidelines are adopted by a Service Provider they will deliver a fit for purpose security solution commensurate with specific risk.

Robust review and audit through Independent Contract Management will ensure that the agreed security solution is delivered by a Service Provider and that the advice provided by the CPNI and BSi continues to drive that national standard.


Security contracts are typically complex, long term and high value.

Clients have a right to receive the service they have contracted for at the price they have agreed.

Service Providers have an obligation to make their return without circumventing the contract.

Ridge Park makes these things happen.

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