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Ridge Park find a way to support a Manchester Community voluntary group who really do deliver “Social Value”

It is said that every day is a school day and this week Ridge Park learnt a little more about the true value of “social value” 

The difference it makes to actually get out amongst a Community, see the work they are undertaking, listen to what support they need and then help find a way to join up the dots cannot be underestimated.

This week that’s what Ridge Park did and as can be seen in the message below, our client`s request for us to engage in a “Community Project” has prompted the most positive of results.

thanks so much for your kind offer of support and fantastic funding for the items we discussed:

  •  First aid kits / Annual rent / Website page building / Annual insurance / Artist materials for banner commission 

These payments will make a huge difference To our operation”

John-Paul Coe, Founder and Chairman of Wythenshawe Waste Warriors

Meeting people like John-Paul and being in a position to make a financial contribution to support his teams work, reminded us all at Ridge Park of the true value of “Social Value”